how to get along with your sister

How to get along with your sister

Step 1 – Breathe
Step 2 – Set Boundaries
Step 3 – Focus on the present
Step 4 – Engage in positive activities


  1. Breathe РWhen you feel anger arising, find a quiet place, take a deep breath, and gather your thoughts. This will give you time to think before you speak.  Try to focus on the current conflict at hand.
  2. Set boundaries – A lot of conflict can arise due to lack of boundaries. Try to communicate clearly and non-defensively your boundaries.
  3. Focus on the present – If you have an issue to discuss with your sister, focus on the current issue only. It can be tempting to discuss past grievances, but this will only make your sister more defensive and the conversation unproductive.
  4. Engage in positive activities together РYou and your sister probably have more in common than you realize. Try choosing a positive activity you both enjoy and do it together.

For more tips, check out the video below!

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