How To Cheer Up Your Mom

How to cheer up your mom

  1. Ask what is wrong – You never truly know what’s wrong with mom unless you ask. Don’t assume you know why mom is upset. Instead you may want to say “Mom, I notice you seem a little down. What’s wrong?”
  2. Offer to help – If mom is upset about something you can help with, offer to assist her. Perhaps she is feeling overwhelmed by all the things she needs to do. You could offer to do some of the household chores for her or run much needed errands.
  3. Express empathy – When mom tells you what is wrong, it can be helpful if you offered some words of support. For example, you could say “That sounds really tough mom. I love you and I’m here for you.”
  4. Give mom a hug – A simple hug can offer comfort for mom.
  5. Help distract her – You can help mom take her mind off her problems by asking her to dinner, inviting her to the movies, or having a game night.
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