The Best Gift for Dad’s Birthday

It’s always so tough to figure out what to get dad for his birthday. We’ve created a list of ideas to make the process easier. Check out our top picks below.

Best Gifts for Dad’s Birthday

Funny T-Shirts

This hilarious t-shirt for dad says “World’s Greatest Farter, Oops I mean father”. If your dad has a great sense of humor, he is going to love this shirt! I recently gave this to my dad and he cracked up when he opened it. You can find it on Amazon here.

Dad t shirt



Coffee Gifts

This cup is seriously one of my favorite gifts for mom or dad. I joke all the time about being the favorite child (who am I kidding- I totally am!). My dad loves his morning cup of coffee, so a coffee mug is usually a hit with him. I love this because it combines coffee with a sense of humor. Click here to check out this mug.

favorite child mug



Cute and Cuddly

Now I’m well past the point of buying my dad cute and cuddly stuff, but if you’re looking for a dad gift from a child this might be right up your alley. This sign says “I Love That You’re My Dad” and comes with a cuddly teddy bear. This gift is under $20 bucks. One idea is to give dad the plaque and let the kid keep the teddy bear. It’s a win win! You can buy this here or click the “buy now” button.